Feature that enables calendar entries to be color coded

Please add an option that would format the color of events listed in a calendar list.

Usage case: I use the calendar list to display upcoming fixtures for our sports team. I would like to differentiate between matches and training events. It would be ideal if I could make the background color conditional or somehow defined by a cell in the item’s row.

I am guessing this feature would have a wide range of usage cases, since color coding events is such a standard way to help users navigate time tables and calendars.

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You can give events different colors by using the “Group by” function in the Options section of the Layout Editor. The colors are predefined based on your accent color and cannot be configured manually.

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This doesn’t appear to be an option for Apps, or am I missing something?

My apologies, I assumed you were asking about the Calendar component in Glide Pages.

You would be correct — this does not exist for Apps.

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