Feature request: Text wrapping for segmented choice components or Matrix Question Layout

Dear Glide Team,
I would like to put this post in the feature request category, however I don’t seem to have the permissions to do so, the New Topic button is disabled for me. Therefore here:

I would like to have users answer some psychological questionnaires in my app. With classic survey providers (e.g. SurveyMonkey), they often have the Matrix Question layout for this (here is an example: https://cdn.smassets.net/assets/cms/cc/uploads/matrix-question-no-weights.png). This is not available in Glide, so I would use Choice components in Segmented Mode instead. However, my answer options are not displayed completely, because they are too long. Could you enable text wrapping for the segmented choice components? That would be great. I could imagine that either this way, Glideapps could gain many new potential users in the field of psychological science.


As these are really two separate requests, could you please:

  • Edit this one to cover the text wrapping request, and
  • Create a separate request for the Matrix Question layout

If you can do that, I’ll help you recategorise them as Feature Requests, so others can vote


  • when you say “Pickers in Segmented mode”, are you referring specifically to Choice Components, or Pickers in general?
  • can you provide an example of what a Matrix Question layout looks like? (maybe not everyone will be familiar with that)