Favorites toggle no longer editable?

Is the text in the Favorites tab no longer editable? I’m not talking about the Favs component, but instead the Favorites toggle you see below. In the past, there was a place to edit the text to change Favorites to View Favorites or something else. Maybe I’m missing something simple. Thx!

I think that setting is in the item details screen where the favorites component is located.


I think it has always been that way. Did we ever have an option to change that label anywhere else?

@Jeff_Hager is right. See the below screenshots.





@Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh Sorry for any confusion; I should’ve shown the entire screen so you knew what screen view is being used. I think we’re talking about two different things. I’m talking about the Favorites toggle shown in Map style layout shown below not the Favorites component. The Favorites component is only available in the Details view and not the Map view.

  • This screen was originally built over a year ago and I distinctly remember there was an option to enable/disable this toggle and also change the text.
  • I don’t see any settings under General or Options that controls the All / Favorites toggle that you see outlined in yellow.

If you build this type of Map style layout today in the builder, the All / Favorites toggle is not turned on by default and cannot be turned on manually with any settings? I’m wondering if this was inadvertently turned off recently in the builder? What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated. Thx!

The inputs above your comment are all right. We know you’re talking about the toggle, but that can only be changed using the favorites component in the details view.

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Hi, @ThinhDinh. I’m confused. If I can’t add components to a Map view, how do I enable the toggle in the first place? As you’ll see in the images below, I’ve got the Favorites component turned on the Detail view of the record connected to the map pins and the screenshot above from @Jeff_Hager is for changing the text in the Favorites component which you can see I’ve already done. What am I missing? Thx!

If from the very first moment you create that tab, the first action that would trigger the toggle to show is adding a “like” button in the list view of this map.

However, as I said above, from this tab level view you don’t seem to have a way to change that label, so we directed you to the details view, add a favorites component and change the label there.

Did you change the actual label as Chinna stated in her screenshot?

Yes, about a year ago I changed the label of the toggle when that option was available and that’s why it says My Favorites instead of just Favorites. I appreciate the feedback and advice. Thx

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