Favorites don't change sheet?

I’ve added the boolean Is Favorited? to my sheet. dropped the favorite component into the page. But it doesn’t seem to change the sheet ? see vid favorites.mp4

Does the item that is favorited stay favorited when you reload the app?

When you say that you added a boolean, did you actually add it yourself, or did it show up when you added the component?

Seeing that you have the ability to delete the column, that leads me to believe that you added your own. Typically the Is Favorited column uses it’s own column, and it becomes visible or hidden within the table based on certain conditions. I don’t fully understand what controls the visibility of the column, but I do know that if you have a tab with a list style view, and you enable the favorites bar, then you will see the built in column in the table.

What I believe is happening is that you created a column with the same name as the original built in column, but the favorites component is not using your column. It’s using the original column that you can’t see.

I’d be inclined to say this is somewhat of a bug based on what I’m seeing. The favorites are working properly, but that column should be visibly showing in the table whenever you use ANYTHING that affects favorites, whether it’s the favorites bar, the favorites component, any of the list styles that allow for a favorite button, etc. There is some auto hiding/showing of that column in the table, but I think it’s a little too aggressive on the hiding part…even though you can do a search of your tables and the tables that currently use the built in column show up, although you still can’t see the column.


yes- i did add the boolean. It was not automatically appearing when I would drop the favorites component in. I suspect that this might only work for apps that are built with a sign-in upfront. My app has a lot of public info - then asks to sign-in when you get to a page that is locked.

I did try on a generic new project. Can’t seem to get the component to work. see video Vimeo

You can apply a favorite component to a public app. If a user is not signed in, it will just ask them to sign in. Like I said, I think there is a bit of a bug here. If you go back to your list and activate the favorites bar, then you will see the column in the table. Likewise I would expect the column to show as long as you have a favorites component active on the detail screen. It should still record favorites normally, but I assume you want to use the column for filters or an IF column?

I think this is something the should be submitted as a bug to glide. I think you should at least be able to see the column with your use case.