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That looks like more of a direct sheet copy script. I’m talking about a script thay only adds new rows that haven’t been added yet, but also checks for updated data or deleted data in the master sheet. I used to have a script set up to copy student names to a few other sheets, but later changed to copy student ID’s instead. Finally I ditched the script altogether and changed my app flows, so I no longer needed the script.

The script I used would only add missing students to other sheets if they didn’t already exist in those other sheets. It did not touch any existing rows or headings. It only copied a single column to identify the student, but there were other columns of data related to each student. I used this because I needed the student names/ID’s to exist in the other sheets, but I could not risk the student name/ID jumping around in those sheets if the order was ever changed in the master sheet. Using a direct copy formula or unique formula would have caused a hole host of issues for me because the student names/ID’s would eventually become misaligned from the other columns of data in those other sheets.

These are a few posts that are related to the formula I used to use. The third post is a modified version of the original script to fit a particular situation. This script ONLY adds missing student names to other sheets. It does not handle any updated names or deleted names. If a name would have ever been changed, then it would copy to the other sheets as a new name with the other columns empty instead of updating an existing row. That’s why I eventually migrated to using ID’s instead of names, but like I said, I don’t use any script at all, because I changed how the app works.