Extracting information from Resume/CV

Hello, I am currently working on an app where I would like to implement a feature where the user can upload their Resume/CV, and the program would extract the info to complete their profile.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I could tackle this?

Glide AI β†’ Extract to JSON β†’ Query JSON object

I plan on creating a video on this in the next week or two.

I had somewhat the same use case here before extract to JSON was a thing.

So, Robert’s method now looks like this:

Upload image > Image to text (Extract text as JSON) > Query JSON to take out each component of the JSON as needed > Add a new row.

Back then, what I did was:

Upload image > Google Cloud Vision to transform to text > OpenAI to convert text to JSON, with a format I can control (regarding the key names) > Query JSON > Add a new row.

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