Could you use the OpenAI integration to analyse documents

Hey Guys, I have a client that is looking at using OpenAI through a custom app (Glide) to analyse large documents…How could one approach this?

If you’re referring to that as a large document, I’m not sure if these approaches work:

  • Somehow taking all the text from that doc and feed that in the prompt to OpenAI. It would exceed the tokens limit.

  • Upload the file to Glide and give the link to OpenAI to “browse”. Maybe something worth trying, but they have recently stopped beta testing for the Bing browsing feature. I wonder if they stop the ability for gpt-3.5 and gpt-4 to stop being able to read external links altogether.

The best approach on the market is using vector embeddings, but that is not something that is built directly into Glide.

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