File submission as an input for AI

ChatGPT allows to upload text file (doc or pdf) as an input for AI analyse. Glide allows only text in the AI input field. Is it possible to get AI result based on the content of file uploaded or linked in the spreadsheet cell as an AI input?

I think not at the moment. The closest I can think of, to keep things solely in Glide, is probably extracting text from the doc that is uploaded, then add that text to the prompt as context.

Oh my, friend! You shouldn’t answer so wrongly to my stupid question! :slight_smile:
I asked in a manner “First shoot, then think!”. Of course this is possible within Glide, we have AI action: document2text!!! Works perfectly with modest size limitations!

Now I have performed the following:

  1. upload the government program for next mandate (50 pages were to long, so I cut it into parts 5-10 pages)
  2. Ask for AI doc2text, works perfectly
  3. Request the action plan from this program with defined spreadsheet columns, in CSP delimited with semicolon.

Works perfectly!

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That’s wonderful!

One could omit step 2, then doesn’t work. Stupid AI suggests manual text extracting from the file. Obviously is the AI not aware of AI doc2text function! :slight_smile: