🤖✨ PDF → Glide AI → Query JSON is MAGIC

:wave: Hey Fellow Gliders!

Glide AI is crazy powerful. With “Document to Text”, you can extract the text from any document in seconds…

If that’s not magical enough, you can use AI to format that text as JSON with any structure you define. Then, parse that JSON using Query JSON column to precisely predict and extract the values from the original PDF with almost 100% reliability.

The tutorial below showcases two scenarios:

  1. Resume PDF → Document to Text → Format as JSON → Extract values and determine if candidate is right for the job.
  2. Product Spec Sheet → Document to Text → Format as JSON → Working table to parse JSON as FAQ (5 standard Questions / Answers)

:popcorn: Enjoy!

New to Glide AI? Here are the basics:
:robot: Glide AI: A Complete Walkthrough


@Robert_Petitto Awesome video, Bob

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Fantastic techniques.

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Thanks! It’s an amazing feature that can be leveraged to do some incredible things with very little setup!

Brilliant! Bob, AI and Glide, what a trio.

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Awesome video. I knew this was possible. Thank you for your easy to follow instructions.


Fantastic - your enthusiasm when the AI actually works and provides the required output in the format you need, is great :+1:

Interesting concept about the dynamic extraction, very useful.

Thanks for taking the time to produce the video.

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AI is certainly a game changer in the right context. However, it often produces inconsistent output. Yet, I’ve been beyond impressed with GlideAI’s ability to produce reliable json structures from a simple prompts. Kudos to the Glide team for sure!