Glide AI: Text-to-JSON

Glide AI will write the JSON for us if we tell it what we need from the text column. How cool is that!

We can generate JSON code without having to learn JSON.


There’s nothing cool about that, especially since it takes updates… simple template column can do that for free :wink:

It depends what the input is: if the input is a sentence or paragraph and the text-to-JSON column can easily extract variables, I find that pretty neat.

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I agree with you Uzo on the downside of the update being used but having said that , if you were on the other side of the table, how would you implement this innovation taking into consideration that under the hood, Glide also have to pay for the use of Open AI API costs.
If this was your business, how would you offer this for free without compromising your own operations?

Yep… but still it can be replaced by free columns… but I get your point

oh no… you got me wrong… my point is that you can use a template column for that… i did not say that AI should be for free

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Oh okay, my bad…I misunderstood your statement.
But also AI is there to sort of “automate” some of those mandane tasks. Those tedious things that you normally have to do. I imagine setting up a template column would require a lot of effort, nevermind knowing the proper JSON structure…

How? It would only work if the text were already structured. And even then it might not be that straightforward.

The point of Glide AI’s text-to-xyz columns is to turn unstructured data into structured data. The structured data can then more easily be leveraged.

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you can do that with JS column, I would assume that AI will take much longer to separate text

I wonder if this is one update per row or column?.. AI must run each row to translate… if it is per row… that will be very costly, and the JSON is for the row or column…

I believe updates are counted whenever the data that needs to be displayed is processed.

Unfortunately updates are also counted when we work in the Data Editor. So better not start scrolling.

Don’t quote me on this, I don’t know exactly how updates work.

Nice toy, but in the real application, I would use a JS column to make my JSON

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This is not meant to be a way to merely make JSON without knowing JSON syntax–it’s a way to turn unstructured text into regular structures.

We use Text to JSON at Glide to extract structured data from PDFs, for

Document to TextText to JSONQuery JSON

We use this to pull common fields from PDFs from Docusign. This is not something you can do without AI.