Image to text, extract specific data in order to insert into columns

Hello community, I hope everyone is well during these special dates.
I am looking to implement the following functionality and I need some guidance on the best method to use. If you have experience with this, I would appreciate your insights.

I need the user to take a photograph of a bank transfer receipt, and once they upload the photo to the app, extract CERTAIN specific data such as the amount, the name of the person who made the transfer, and the date, among other details.

I am planning to use the A.I. image-to-text function to extract text, but I’m unsure how to extract specific data like the amount, name, and date. Once I have this data, the goal is to insert it into specific columns for that information. The idea behind this functionality is to automate data entry for the user by simply taking a photo.

Any help is welcome, thank you.

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We had somewhat of the same setup here. I used Google Cloud & GlideAI to transcribe the image’s text into a JSON form I pre-defined, then query the JSON to get the fields I need.

With the availability of OpenAI’s vision model, I think it should be easier to do that now.


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