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J’ai une question concernant les données de mon Glide.
Je suis sur l’éditeur, je ne passe pas par le fichier sheet. J’ai supprimé certaines de mes données sur mon DATA editor mais lorsque que j’exporte mes données, la totalité des informations sont encore présentes dans le fichier exporté.
Avez-vous une idée ?

What kind of data did you delete? Did you delete a row, a column or something else?

If you try to export again now, does that information still present?

I deleted some rows,
And when I export the data are present?

Do you still see those rows in the data view?

On my Glide page I have no more lines.
In my export I have many lines


Your Glide Table appears to have several User Specific columns.
All of that User Specific data is included in your data export.

Whilst viewing that table in the Glide Data Editor, try switching the “Viewing As” to different users. Most likely you will see data appear in that table as you switch between users. This will be the data that you see in the export.

Indeed my Glide Table has several user specific columns.
I deleted my old users. So I can’t change the “viewing as” anymore
But I understand what you mean.
I don’t know how to delete these old data.

When I look in my editor with different users I see the lines even if they are empty. I see the data that corresponds to the user.
I can delete them, that’s what I did on my glide.

If you are deleting users from your tables, you will also want to delete user data that is internal within glide, such as login data as well as user specific column data.

Also, do you really need to be using user specific columns in your case? I see you have an email column, so wouldn’t each user have their own row anyway? Or are multiple users sharing the same row, which would then possibly require the use of user specific columns.


Thank you for the tutorial, I think this is one of the solutions to my problem but it requires me to enter the email addresses of the former users one by one.
I have a lot of users to delete and I also have new ones that have been added, I need to sort them out.
It’s going to be long and boring…
Another idea perhaps.

For the use of email addresses and user specific coulumns, I don’t know if I did it right.
I’m a teacher, and I’m trying to get information from each student through my application.

I want to be able to see all the information as a teacher and have each student see only their own data.

What you should be doing here is using Row Owners.

In short, you would set each Students email address as an owner in any row that “belongs” to them. And set your own email address as a separate owner column in all rows.

This will get you what you want.

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Merci du conseil, je vais tester cela.