Excluding columns in a 'search' query

Hi guys, Struggling to find a way to do this - please help!

I have a genealogical database of 100,000 records in a ‘Big Table’.

When using the search facility every now and again you’ll get thousands of hits - when really there are only one or two you want to view.

As an example. I live in Wellington - New Zealand. My data base includes 3 records for people with a surname of ‘Wellington’ but thousands of records of people who live in Wellington. When I search on ‘Wellington’ I get the whole lot!

Is there a way of interactively (perhaps through a checkbox list) allowing users to determine what columns they search on when they use the search bar. Kinda like an advanced search.

I’ve watched a few vids on cleverly adding plain txt and then hiding it to make it searchable - but I want to do the opposite - selecting what columns NOT to search on.

Thanks in advance.