Excel Workbook and Individual Components

Hi, new to Glide Apps and designing Apps altogether, so bear with me :grin:

I ‘linked’ through a basic Excel Workbook, which made 5 individual Data Tables. My main home page APP page is a ‘Grid’ design, which i have referencing (named after them) to these 5 tables (see pic). I want to have each of these five Grid tiles to work with its relevant Data Table, but when i assign one Data Table to one of the Grid links, it applies it to the other 4 and so not able to assign a different Data Table to each. Can i not individualise each table to each Grid tile ?

Hope this makes sense !

Do you have different data structures for those tables? If not, I would suggest combining them together into one table.

I have the date structure for all 5 ‘sheets’ in the Excel Workbook are the same, just labeled relating to each Pantry that i show in my landing page for the App build start as previously shown. Sounds like you are saying i need to have all data for each Pantry/Sheet on the one Sheet as a whole and then work from there, is there no other way round this ?

Doing as @ThinhDinh suggests is going to give you the same result, with a lot less overhead. Right now you will have to do 5 times the work for each pantry, and every time you make changes, you would have to do everything 5 times. If you were to add 10 more pantries, then you are now doing everything 15 times.

With @ThinhDinh’s suggestion, you set it up once and everything is dynamic for each pantry and for each new one you add. All you would do is add one extra column to the data to indicate which pantry each row behind to. The set up relations or filters accordingly to navigate to the details for each individual pantry. You can add pantries without having to go into the Glide builder add screens/logic foreach new pantry.

If you want to do it your way, then you will need a custom action on your pantry list. Then set up an IF branch for each pantry ID to open/show a new screen. Then design one of the screens followed by copying all of the components to the other 4 screens. If you add more pantries in the future, you won’t be able to just add data and be done. You will have to modify the custom action as well as design more screens for each new pantry.

Your way is definitely possible, but since the data is similar in all 5 tables, it’s going to be a lot more work to configure everything.

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:thinking: a little confused still, so let me ask another way. Using the Grid layout landing page of the Pantries (shown previously) and in which i would like to have it so that when i ‘tap/click’ on one, it pulls through details of all members in a list format (from a table, individual or combined) relating to that Pantry, plus perhaps one or two other details (not all, as appreciate a details page for that) from other column entries for their row, then what is the best way to go about this ?

Ok, assuming you have a Pantries table and a Members table… I assume your image above shows data from the pantries table. By default, when you click on a pantry, you should be taken to the detail screen that would show details for that specific pantry. On that same screen, you can add a collection to show members.

The ideal way to set it up is to create a relation linking the pantry table to the member table using a pantry name or ID. Then you can add a collection on the pantry detail screen using the relation as a source. Since you would be using a relation, the collection would only show members for that specific pantry.

From there you could further click on a member to view their details. That member detail screen would only need to be set up once instead of 5 times if you merge all members into one table.

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OK :sunglasses:, think I get you, will give that a whirl for now and go from there - many thanks.

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