Error message upon review form submission

Newly having a problem with a specific form. Every time someone leaves a review they get an error message like this now:

The review still goes through, but the error message remains. Everything is going to the correct sheet and I just changed the setting of “no notification upon submission” to having a “success” message upon submission and it didn’t help

Any ideas?

Strange. Based on no replies to this, I’m guessing everyone else finds this strange as well.

Probably best to start with some basic troubleshooting…

  1. This used to work fine, and then one day those errors just started popping up?
  2. Are you only getting the error on mobile and in the Glide Builder or just on mobile?
  3. Are you seeing this Success Notification at all, on either builder or on mobile?
  4. After changing the On Submit action to show notification for “Success” and success icon… did you publish changes?

Is this a classic app? I used to get ghost notifications in classic… I don’t remember fixing it… they eventually just went away

You were having this as an action originally.

The problem, I think, is this action was only available for Private Pro plans on the old pricing model. You are having a Pro app, not Private Pro, hence it returned an error.


Ohhhhhh I gotcha. OK I’m having a lot of weird glitches since being on “legacy”, especially with not knowing which abilities got taken away. Is there a video or document that explains how to switch to a team plan? I can use ‘actions’ on a team plan right?

Thanks for this troubleshooting feedback Matthew! I think Thinh got to the bottom of it by seeing that I can no longer use “actions” on my legacy plan, and I had an action built into the submit button. Therefore still leaving the review but error’ing on the action i wanted (which was to forward an email).

Ah, that makes sense!

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