Error: Loading the manifest "glide.json" failed. Is the URL correct, and the hosting set up correctly?

I’d like to experiment with custom code, but whatever URL I paste in the “Experimental Code” field, I get the error message.


I tried for instance with the original url from the glide documentation:

as well as with my own forked version of it:

Any idea of what I am doing wrong?

I think Replit made some changes a while back that broke all of these.
I’d recommend hosting it on GitHub instead.

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Thanks for the advice. You have a working example that I could use to test, because I tried already and had the same result.

Try this one:

It’s just a simple one that accepts a value in seconds, and returns a unix-style uptime string. I just tested, and it works.

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This one works fine. Is it somehow possible to fork it to start with this as a basis?

Also, I think your answer gave me some idea about why it is not working for me. Is it required to go through Github Pages site to generate the link to be put in glide? I tried to put the url of the github repository where the code is located, but this didn’t appear to work.

Will give it a try later.

Yes, by all means.

Yes, that’s correct.
You need to publish it from GitHub via Settings->Pages.