Error: Loading the manifest “glide.json” failed. Is the URL correct, and the hosting set up correctly?

This error already happened a few weeks ago but got solved after a few hours, without doing anything.
This time, it’s been nearly a week …
It was perfectly working and nothing changed. The error just suddenly appeared.
Thanks for your help
Capture d’écran 2024-01-11 à 12.32.22

Moreover, I see that the custom code documentation changed. The manifest file should be no more called “manifest.json” but “glide.json”. I changed it but I still get the issue

Replit made changes to their hosting service at the start of year. You’ll probably need to change how you host it.

What was the code doing?

Yes, I deployed the app as a static page, as it was before. (see screenshot)
The code is a bit difficult to explain but basically, it take different arrays representing historical days of the month and some parameters for each of them, depending on them and on current day parameters, computes what is the current day status is.

Moreover, it has different functions so I can"t really put it inside Glide javascript code native editor

Why you are using that… make it directly in the Glide JavaScript column

Not sure why this is the case, but if you can’t host it in Replit, Github should be a good alternative.

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