Error In Format Date library

Format Date library is not working correctly in some accounts.

I don’t know how it can be that it works correctly for some and not for others.

Maybe the account applications are on different Glide servers.They may fix it eventually, or they may need to point out the problem.

Example of errors:

If you type Format = X, you get a negative number.

If you type Format = HH - it gives 13 hours instead of 00.

And 1 time I rewrote the formula and it counted correctly, and then it started counting wrong again.

I can see that Booking → Start is computed column. Can you say a bit more about that column, please? eg. what type of computed column is it, and what data is it operating on?

I don’t trust the Format Date column, either. It’s been known to give unreliable results for a long time now. But I believe that’s more about how the underlying Luxon library works (or doesn’t) with IOS/Safari.

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Andriod/Chrome math column.

Need more information, please.

I can’t replicate the behaviour that you reported, so I’m trying to understand what you’ve done that’s different. Somewhere in the chain, you must have a Date value. So what is your math column doing? Is it using the current date/time value? Is it manipulating a date/time value from some other column? Is that column an actual date/time column type, or is it a string representation of a date, or something else?

Seems like you were using the 1st column here instead of the 4th column, based on the icon we see.