Error Encountered When Adding Database Table in Data Sources

Hello Glideans,

We have a table in our database named MeterReading within the BBB_REM_test database. When I go to my Data Sources and try to add a table using the add (+) button at the top of the left sidebar, I select SQL as my data source and then MySQL. This brings me to a screen that says “Select a database table.” This screen shows the database names as collapsible options. When I click a database name, it expands, allowing me to select my required table.

It was working fine for a few tables, but recently I have encountered an issue.

When I am at the “Select a database table” screen:

1.I choose BBB_REM_test.
2.I select my table MeterReading (which has values in it).
3.It displays this error:
“Error: There was a problem adding the table: Table ‘BBB_REM.Company’ doesn’t exist.”

Even though I selected BBB_REM_test and the MeterReading table, it displays an entirely different error.

I am attaching a picture for reference.

Thanks & Regards,

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