Error: Array arguments to IF are of different size

I have created an Array Formula in the header of a column of an existing worksheet that contains over 1,000 records.

If an entry has an Expense Category of “Travel”, it retrieves a Customer Code value in column B of a sheet named JobAllocations. It all works fine until row 988 where entries with an Expense Category of “Travel” show a value of “N/A”. The error message says “Array arguments to IF are of different size.”

Any thoughts on how I can fix this? Thanks!

May we know the last row number for the Job Allocations sheet? Probably there’s a mismatch between the number of rows for the two sheets.

The two sheets definitely have different numbers of rows. I just created the JobAllocations sheet for a change in the way the customer asked to track information. There are under 20 entries in the JobAllocations sheet and over 1,000 in the Expenses sheet.

They are related by a field called JobID#. I assumed that the common value would enable the two entities to not have the same number of rows. Any suggestions?

Weird. I just tested the same formula on a very small scale and it works fine. If you’re willing to share a copy of the Sheet with dummy data I can jump in to take a closer look. Thank you.

Is this something that could be done with Glide computed columns? Unless you actually need the data in the spreadsheet, then it’s almost always preferable to do calculations in Glide. May not make sense in this case, but just pointing it out as a possible option.

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