I want to program an equipment rental plattform and I want to ask you for your ideas / thoughts.
The idea is:

  • I have a list of all equipment / inventory. Everything in this list is a single item which can be rent
  • I have “shootings” which have start and end date - so pickup and return date.
  • now I want to rent the equipment for the shooting. I want just to rent available equipment and when the shooting is over everything should be available again.

What is the best workflow to set that up?
I have a blank table to set user based which project the shooting is for is selected. With a colum I then write the specirifc project to the inventory table. So I can already “book” Equipment to a project. When someone else open the inventory he just see the equipment without a “project” in it…

Now I need to:

  • integrate a function that release the equipment after the shoot. My idea is to have an if function that asks for the end date and when it ends it says nothing… when it is during the period it writes the project name in the table which means the inventory is blocked for it. What do you think about that? How to calculate also the whole period and so on?
  • I add the inventory / equipment with a list and an action behind the items on click. They add then a colum . Is tis the best way? Or can I do it with a checklist and a button?

Thanks a lot for your input

This might help:

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