Equipment rental

Hey Community,

I would like to book equipment to shooting-dates.
I already made it, that I can select the equipment and add the project to it.

BUT now I stuck with the problem, that a Equipment can be booked for several “projects” depending on the pickup and return date. Does someone already solved that topic and has a good idea? I already receive the start and end date of the booking with a relation table from the selected project. I think my only problem is, that it sould be possible to select multible projects. So the selected project should be safed in an array or something like that. But I do not know a solution?


but wich kind of array I have to select? There is no setting that is specifically called array

Ya…that was a lousy bot answer.

So, to clarify

  1. you have equipment that can be checked out
  2. A user can check equipment out, which adds the items to a log
  3. You’re using relations/lookups to bring the start/end time back into the equipment table (?)
  4. You want to allow users to check out the same equipment more than once (at different times) ?
  5. You probably want logic that prevents users from checking out the same equipment during the same block of time?
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Does @Glide think before speaking?

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The bot has a very good imagination. It’s imaginary friends are glide features that that don’t actually exist. Sometime I wish it would just say “sorry, I don’t actually know the answer”. I feel like we’re on damage control to correct it before users get confused looking for something that doesn’t exist.



4 / 5 is what I need / miss in my app now.

Thanks for your input

Yeah…that’s the trickiest part. It’s just like booking a person (calendly). It’s a bit easier since (I think) you’re only working with days and not hours and minutes, right?

exactly. I just use days

Do you have an idea?

Working on it! Almost have a working solution. It’s a bit complicated.

Honestly @Andreas_Ramelsberger just use Rentle. Building in Glide is reinventing the wheel.

Figured it out. It’s quite complicated, but it works:

If you’re interested in grabbing this template to hit the ground running, DM me.

This is neat.

Hey Robert,

thanks a lot for your video.
Yes as you say, it looks quite complicated ;)) But I think if it works, it works :wink:
And I prefer to have everything in one app, thats why it is still a good solution to go.

Is it possible that the table with the dates is increasing automatically? So that it always has 90 days from today?

I would be happy if you could share the app with me, so that I can import those tables.
And if you are fine I would like to pay you a 50$ donation.

Best regards

Hey @Robert_Petitto
I am working on the table… right now.
Look at the screenshot here:

It works that I add equipment with one click in the “equipment hinzufügen” list and then it is part of the log. In the added equipment list I am not able right now, to delete an item again with one click. Do you have an idea here? It has to go to the log and delete the equipment related to this shoot and dates.

My main problem is, that I can not book equipment part by part as you showed it. I have to do it much quicker with a list. Therefore we have to select date and project (this works) and then filter the equipment that is available. This is where I do not find a solution. I think I have to write the rental dates in the equipment / inventory table in an array with every booking. And then I can compare the selected dates with them and if it is all fine it will be shown. Do you know what I mean?

I think in the log table I need a column that shows all dates between the in and out date and then I import it with a rel / lookup in the inventory table. And then with an IF I can say if these dates are part of the selected dates in the checkout table then filter it from the list. Is this the correct / best way?

Best regards

I’m not sure I follow. You say you can’t check out the equipment piece by piece. Do you mean that a user checks out a set of equipment all at once? Do you then need to determine if any of the individual pieces within the set are available in order to determine if the set as a whole is available? If so, the template wasn’t set up for that logic.