Booking items on date condition

Hello everyone,

I have a problem and I’m not finding the good way to build my booking Glide Page.
I have a list of items that I want people to book.
I want them to fill the beginning date and the ending date of booking and that after that they can choose only the items available in that time period.

Do you know the way to build the data behind this ?
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Do you define the availability of items by it not being booked in a certain timeframe?

Yes that what I want.

I found a topic explaining a way to use user specific colums for the start/ end dates and a IF THEN ELSE colum but I’m not doing it well or I am not accurate in the way to do it.

So does your booking involving only dates or are there hours in it too? Let’s say a booking would look like 7AM Feb 23 - 7PM Feb 26 or just Feb 23 - Feb 26?

Yes it’s only date.
But many thanks, I achieve to do it with a previous post !
Thank you

Hm. You’re not the first one to want this functionality. I’ll build a template this week.Stay tuned.


Many thanks

Here is the answer in a previous post that helped me to do it :

Something like this?


Yes exactly what I did.

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