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Hi team,

I have a pro app & When I click on the image to enlarge it is taking around 5 sec which is very slow …which doesn’t seems like a good experience for the user …is there anything you guys are doing tj fix the issue …I had raised the similar issue 3 months back …but not yet fixed

Can someone please help me on this

How large is the image?

Image size not an issue …it is the time taken to enlarge is the issue.

Too slow & not providing good user experience

Image size can be an issue as the larger the number bytes an image is the more bandwidth and time it would take to load.

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My image size is less than 200 kB.

What device does this happen on? What operating system? What browser? Have you tried on another device? Where in the world are you? What network are you on and what is the speed?

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Also, it would help if you post the link to the app (or at least a copy of the app) so the ‘bug’ can be reproduced.

Sorry to bring this topic alive as well (@david, @George_B) , but I have the same issue.
I have PNG and JPG images in Firebase.
Action= Enlarge Image
Device: Xiaomi Mi 8 and iPhone 7 Plus
Loc: Mexico
Mind you, it’s an image relation (as it’s swiping right to see all images)

I’m having a similar issue about enlarging imagens…
My images will be a bit large sometimes because I want users to be able to zoom it properly, so I’m ok with it taking some extra time to load.
But I think it would help a lot if we could have a loader, instead of a blank screen.
Also, the title bar doesn’t change its color to match the black background…

(there will be some disturbing images…)

Uploading: RPReplay_Final1592240429.gif…

Tks in advance!!!