Enhancement when switching tabs

I would like to be able to run an action when someone leaves a tab or enters a tab. Basically it would allow me to do some cleanup when they just leave a when “half” done and prepare some data when they enter a tab. That really cool action language would be just fine for now.

The application I am doing right now could use it for managing a lock on some data.

Right now I rely on the user clicking a button - not the best but…

Completely agree. In the past, I’ve proposed for Tab Actions in addition to Tab Visibility. Would be neat to show a form the moment a tab is opened, for example.

Tab visibility is a good idea as well

One more thought is closing the app actions as well

The way I generally handle this is to remove the back arrow using CSS, and then provide a back button with a custom action attached. This can’t be used in all circumstances (eg. with top level tabs), but is useful when returning to a list from a details view.

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Cool. I have an app that I need to remove the the back arrow. Could you elaborate (in another post maybe).

But I was referring to when you close the app sorry I was not clear

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Darren thanks a bunch this was very helpful