End Date on from Big Table not working

I’m trying to set a end date on a calendar from data from a big table. For some reason its only letting me set a end date with a Date/Time input, I’m trying to calculate duration via “Book Hours”.

It doesn’t give the option to pick a Math, Date Format or template format for the end date.

Screenshot Glide 2

I’ve not encountered this exact use case, but it doesn’t surprise me that it isn’t supported.
One thing to be aware of with Big Tables is that computed columns are still evaluated on the client device, which means there are several restrictions around what is and isn’t supported when it comes to Big Tables and computed columns.

If I’m understanding your use case correctly, what you will need to do is create another (non-computed) date/time column to hold the booking end date, and set that when the booking is created. If you want the value to be dynamically calculated based on a given number of hours, then you may need to use a Custom Form.

A full list of Big Tables limitations is given below:

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