Enable SMS Message

Hello everyone,

I have subscribed to sms message service provider
How do I enable this in my app?

Is there any clear explanation to do this.


What exactly do you want to do with the service you subscribed to?

Create a button … When the customer subscribes to the service, I click on the button to send a welcome message to the customer’s phone.

please try my glidepage which has been integrated with whatsapp.
It’s easier than SMS

I would do that differently, if I want to send a text message, I would use Twilio.

Assuming you can trigger something when a user subscribes to your service, you can have a webhook inside Make, then process the info sent via that webhook and have a Twilio module to send a message to the destination number. I don’t think you should do it manually.

Sorry, I use Glide for many services… Sending a sms message is just one process of many. I don’t want to use multiple programs

Is text messaging available in Glide and how to use it?
Anyone help me with it.