Enable/Disable Controls

It would be great to add a property to enable or disable controls (checkboxes, textboxes, radio buttons, etc.) even a readonly property



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You can make the default value checked, and then filter visibility by checkmark is not checked. Which will be impossible.

The idea is keep always visible

So you want the checkbox’s default value to be checked? There’s a default value option. I’m not very sure what your request is.

It’s just for the ability to disable and prevent the user from changing the value in an entry component, but still keep it visible. This is common in many development environments where you can set ‘object.enabled’ to true or false on an object (component). It can signify that something is available, but currently not allowed to be changed either due to it not applying to a current situation, or maybe someone not having authority to make a change.

Think about the case of a detail screen with entry components and with a filter on the screen that prevents it from attaching to an existing row. All entry components become greyed out and disabled so you can’t edit them, but they are still visible.

Another case is a form that has a submit button greyed out due to not having all required fields filled in. Those are most likely coded with a .enabled=false.


Exactly, all programming languages have it

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Ah, I see. That’s a good idea. Perhaps there should be an option on entry components for allow entry if {condition} else, display entry

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enabling should be exactly equal to visibility


A workaround to this that I have been using is to simply use a text component to display the actual value if the item isn’t editable in the current context.

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