Emoji colour

I appreciate all the help you folks are providing in this forum. Super helpful.
New question: When I select a colour emoji, in the selection list it is colour, but once I select it, it only shows as black and white. Can someone explain that?


Are you referring to this forum or in the app somewhere? Chances are somehow your emoji is converting to Unicode characters.

In the app.

So how would i prevent the conversion?

Which component are you using it in?
Can you share a screen shot please?

I am using it an Action item. The screen cap shows the result. Bit I am choosing the Red Heart. (by way of Windows + period)

Windows must be translating it to a unicode character instead of an emoji. I would just copy and paste it from elsewhere, such as emojipedia.

You can just copy and paste this and it should work.

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Hmm. Very strange. I can copy the red heart, but when it try to paste it in that action, it just will not paste. Nothing happens. Very strange.

Wait, I’ve got it. The First emoji in the list always come out black, after that, they do go in, in colour.

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That’s weird.