Email isn't signed-in user crashes my browser window


I am trying to create an IF-THEN-ELSE column that checks whether a user’s email isn’t part of the result of a match multiple relation.

When I do that, I select the relation in the IF clause, and then I try to go for the “isn’t signed-in user” option, but then my Chrome tab goes blank.

Everything works fine if I use the “is signed-in user”, so there is an easy workaround using another IF-THEN-ELSE column to do the negation of the other one. It seems like either the calculations required make my Chrome tab crashed, or it’s a bug.

Has anyone encountered this yet? Does that “isn’t signed-in user” option works for you?

Many thanks!

Could you please make video and share your app?

Hey Mark,

Sorry for the delay.

My app’s URL is :

Here is a video (sorry low quality) : bug_with_isn_t_signed_in_user


I can reproduce it. We’ll fix it. Thanks for reporting!

That’s great, my pleasure! Thanks for your quick feedback!