Editing Wish List

So Glide is improving so much… with CSS and Yes Column we can now do almost all workarounds for almost any problem. So I’m not gonna ask here for more components, but improving editing and functionality

so this is my wish list:

  1. undo button in actions editor

  2. undo button in the table editor

  3. copy-paste values for whole ranges

  4. copy-paste tables from one app to another

  5. scrolling table left-right while moving column to a new position

  6. link to existing screens (same as the link to tabs)

  7. change columns colors for better organizing

  8. merging Apps

  9. copyright templates to prevent reselling

  10. multiple Stripe accounts in one App and custom action after purchase completed

  11. X:Y column that gives position of the last clicked pointer or touches in %

  12. Add a row number in glide tables!!!

  13. export glide table data to google sheet action

  14. triggered actions in the IF ELSE column

  15. native Excel formulas with filters working on the whole columns


If I understand you right, this is already doable as we can use the view details action on a relation/single value for whole row.

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confusing… is better to just call the Screen name

This should have already been fixed a while ago.

Apps built from a template cannot be submitted to the template store.

it is moved down… oh you are right… i did not noticed … wow!!!
… i’m not talking about template store… is for privet deals between developer and buyer

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nice, I did not know that it is possible. Thx!!

What are use cases for the view details action on a single value of the whole row?

Good to have some wish lists & summaries about what’s possible (and what not yet) with glide’s new features.

Let’s say you want to view the first/last submission of something related to the current screen, then that’s the option to go. Let’s say:

  • Last checkin/checkout.
  • Latest submission of a writing topic.
  • First one to claim something, let’s say a coupon.

and thats all i want for Christmas! :wink: