Editing screens with visibility set to "false"

Editing a page with the visibility set to false — I mean, I’d rather not have users able to view the page while I’m changing things around.

But in editing mode, in order even to get to the page, I need to find another screen that will open up the full left-hand menu, then click on the page, then confirm, for the 4,000th time that, yes, I wish to see the screen I want to edit.

Worse, each time I make a change, I’m kicked out of that view, back to the first visible screen, and I have to confirm, again, that I want to “preview” the screen I’m editing, make one change, get kicked out … what am I doing wrong?

Instead of setting the page visibility to false, try adding a visibility condition that makes it hidden to every user except yourself. You can do this in the screen options section in the right hand panel:

The easiest way is to filter is so that’s its only visible when the signed-in user email equals your own.

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Thanks, Darren_Murphy. We’ll work with that. It had occurred to me, but it’s a clunky workaround. I’m a little surprised.

If you’re not comfortable with that option, then another (probably better) option is to disable auto-publishing. Then you can make changes in the builder and only publish when you are ready to.

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