Edit pencil conditions

I am having trouble setting conditions for the edit pencil when using apro app. It works as it always has on the free apps, but on the pro app I can no longer pick my “user”

I would like to set the condition as “Allow Users to edit when user is administrator.”
But the “user” only allows me to select a choice from the the first row of the sheet.

You are just picking the column it should look at. Then the rest of your condition should check of that column IS ‘Admin’. When using user profiles, it should default to the row of the user that is currently signed in.

Thanks Jeff. So every sheet (tab) would need a User column and then I would have to designate in that column who the admin would be?
I only have one User sheet for the whole app.

No, only the user profile sheet needs the column. Your screenshot shows that you are trying to get a value from the user profile sheet, but you mentioned the user profile was showing values from the first row in the user profile sheet. That would most likely mean that you are previewing the app as the first user.

I am however, a little confused that your screenshot is showing data instead of headers. Does your user profile sheet have a header row?

Thanks again Jeff. I finally got it. You were right…I did not have a header row on my User sheet. I had actually taken the user sheet off because it was a duplicate of my whitelist sheet and I thought that was all I needed.
Now I am attempting to be able to allow the administrators to get into the builder for even greater editing capabilities. That’s tomorrow’s project.