Edit - Add Row

I see, you are right. I just found out that problem.
But I have difficulties using your idea earlier . Because I really have a lot of column now.
Not only the one as example. Also, I have a lot of calculation.
In order to do that, I’ve to add column and do every calculation.
Plus, there’s no features copy column or copy component .
Here is my column and there’s more.

Do you have any other idea?

What was the problem using my technique?

I have to create all the column again right ? for the edit ?

Yes, so you dont overwrite the existing ones, is just a column to write temporary values, you dont need to copy original data to it, just empty user specific columns

It there any copy column function which maybe I don’t know?

No, you can do that using google scripts, but this will create a 10 to 30 seconds delay

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Ok, thank you for your advice !

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