eChat – Wiz’z spin on WhatsApp

This app is 50% WhatsApp clone in terms of layout and some key functions, and 50% Wiz tweaks (make sure you have WhatsApp open when checking out all the features).

Key in-app features:

Everything takes place in settings (like in WhatsApp) but Wiz has built his own flexibility into the app for easier navigation.

  • eChat
  • Phone & texting
  • Show/hide profile
  • Show/hide photo
  • Show/hide location
  • Show new location
  • Show/hide last seen status
  • Show new last seen status
  • Show/hide eChat button. This built in flexibility allows all eChat profiles to be kept public.
  • Show/hide phone number. This built in flexibility allows all phone & texting profiles to be kept public.
  • YOU control all visibility tools
  • No need to set up separate visitor and main account holder accounts . All set up takes place at time of registration. Because of this all eChatters are able to contact each other without having to set up further accounts. This is disposed of during the registration process. All account holders have a main account ( I call it the“g20” account). This is always private. Once they set a password and pin, they are asked to set up their “eChat” account. This they can delete to create as many eChat accounts (but only when first has been deleted, and one eChat per account). Visibility of forms hard wired to set conditions. However, once the g20 account goes, everything else so to speak goes with it, or rather into hibernation)
  • 1on1 eChat
  • Calls and texting 24/7 (subject to carrier charges)
  • Upload selfies
    *Pin protected Selfies account.
  • Use mobile camera to take live selfy or upload selfies, and instantly share with friends & family in your end to end encrypted private eChats.
  • Anyone who does not create an eChat account can still can request eChats with registered eChatters, BUT they will not get a response as the system filters out anyone who has not created an eChat account by default.
  • Account deletion based on password and pin
  • No third party integration required.
  • Can be modified to create “singles” and other similar app
  • Glide pure & simple!

Read FAQ & key features sections for help. WhatsApp not everyone’s cup of tea (navigation not very user friendly), but used by more than a billion around the world.

Key Glide tools deployed:

Most latest additions, except “User profile” as not ideal for something on the scale of WhatsApp.

Finally, hope you like it!


All what I want to learn is how you created the private chat 1 on 1 … and all the other 47 features please :wink:


The king of integrating 100 things into one app, I must say.


Another rocket from @Wiz.Wazeer’s brand!! :rofl:

Just for curiosity, what kind of component is it? It has an intereactive icon or GIF that changes color every 1 sec and able to make a call


What kind of trick did you make now? :thinking:

Saludos Wiz!

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:joy: this was the easiest part.

Go here

Select the gif you like and then create an inline list (list style) and bind it to your phone number.


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No me jodas @Wiz.Wazeer!!! :smiley:

To use an inline list (list style) to make this effect/trick is something very smart!. I will save it in my safe box, no doubt.

Gracias, te cuidas!


Try out the location in settings in the app. When you clear location the map also disappears. You can then enter old or new location to make it reappear. I’m telling you this app was a challenge. Play around with it. Few tricks in settings.

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Just added a new feature whereby in any private eChat you can share selfies with each other.

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Okay I’d forgotten to set eChat avatar to required. Because of this some of you may not have been able to hide photo. Everything is now set. You should now see a big thank you message after the registration process which message you can make disappear at the click of a button including the button itself.

So have ago. Apologies for the error.


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:rofl: :joy:Hey, Gliders…this is my first attempt at video making…hope you like it!


Here is my voice over presentation of the eChat app. My sweet voice starts midway!



Visit Go to selfies. with one choice component you can both reset the pin and auto-fill pin if you cannot remember it.

First try the conventional method. The first time, the system is deigned to accept the conventional method of entering your pin to access your selfies account. Once successfully accessed, you can from there use auto-fill pin./reset button.

From a security point of view, its not appropriate for my app. But i’ve kept it there for Gliders to check it out!


Okay fellow Gliders! eChat is now available in the Template store! :heart_eyes:


Thank you Jeff!

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