Private chat

So I’m using the Instagram template and I want to make a private chat for me and my friends to talk but I also want the main chat.
P.S: I’m new to Glide and I don’t have pro and I need help soon

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Here’s a solution by @Robert_Petitto


I made an Instagram like app a few months back you can take a look and see how I set up the chat.

Also have a video where I explained how to create 1:1 chat.


I tried to open your app concerning the private chats but the file was not found.



Hi Alvin,

You can preview the 1:1 chat here:

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Hi, I start to use Glide so that I do not know the details about the database.
Now, i wanna make the private chat that means i wanna make the one-on-one chat.
But i do not know how to make it.
so could you teach me the way to do it using the movie and sentences.

Linking again to Lisa’s solution above.