Ebike rental app

Hi Gliders,
Is it possible to produce an eBike rental App with Glide?
Thanks in advance for any advice

Hey Paul,

the functions to let a user rent an eBike should be given with the standard functions. If it’s about unlocking eBikes on-site (security lock etc.) then you would need a solution there that is controllable via a REST API, since Glide doesn’t support SDKs or native functions.



Hi Sam,
The eBikes in question would be held by various Hotels, so what we would need is just ideally.
GPS tracking, via customer phone. QR code and payment gateway via Stripe. Plus a normal simple booking form

I believe this might be possible with the location component.

Not sure what the exact use case is, but you can generate QR codes through Glide and show it on the screen.

Is the fee the same each time? Something like a Stripe payment link, or PayHere integration, might work.