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Hey Gliders!

I have been posting some questions in the community but haven’t introduced myself. My name is Alex & I’m based in Minneapolis. I’m working on a fitness application called Imbue - it’s an interoperable gym membership. It’s basically like Spotify but for gyms. A user buys a single membership through us & has unlimited access to all ‘genres’ of workouts, amenities & facilities in our network.

The idea came about while I was working abroad last winter & used a similar service. I’m lightly techincal, so when I came back, I chatted with a few of my technical friends who could help me build the application. 1st friend was half in half out & eventually left the project. The second was a friend from university who had moved back home to Africa & was starting an app firm. Things went well until September when communication went dark, code wasn’t shared & project timelines weren’t met. Eventually, we parted ways & I was on my own. I taught myself basic Swift & was working to finish the app when about a week and a half ago one of my friends mentioned Glide. I checked it out & within 36 hours I had built just as good if not better application than what we were spending the past 5 months to build. In a week, I built the application, another application portal for the gyms to change their info, was able to launch & start generating revenue. AND it’s platform-agnostic, not just limited to iOS like swift. Huge props to Glide.

A bit more about me. I ran D1 track at the University of Kentucky, was an All-American runner in high school, love to skydive & could take sushi through an IV. I’m a bit of a crypto nerd as well. I love to ski both xc & downhill, run, & play basically any sport. I love to hike & be in the forests & mountains but can hang surfing in the ocean as well as slalom skiing on the lakes in Minnesota.

Hope to meet u all!



Can you share the link to your app? Curious to see it.

For sure! What’s your email? I’ll add you to the app so you can check it out!

Hey, your project sounds cool!
I did an app for a influencer / coach with Glide, it’s a 21-day summer workout.
Customers are really happy with the product.
Fitness is a great niche!
Best of lucks

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If you do not mind, I would also like to have a look at your app. My email is

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Cool you both can check it out now!

Thanks for sharing the app link. I enter my email at the login screen, but I do not receive the pin to enable me to login in.

Did you check your spam? Sometimes it goes there…

Went to my spam, but was able to retrieve it.

Nicely executed app! Glide makes it pretty easy, huh?

Imbue is like Class Pass? Wrangling the fitness centers into participating must have been a lot work!

I wish you much success!

Did receive requested pins in spam folder. Do you happen to track requested pins?

No I dont think you can through glide yet…

Hey @carrabre, great to have you here!

What features are missing from Glide at the moment for you to make your app in the way you want?

Hey @JackVaughan - thank you! I’m still learning Glide/Spreadsheets/Scripts so if there are already ways to do these things i mention pls let me know!

Some of the biggest things would be payments within the application (collect recurring subscription). For that if Glide could set up a profile page/place for them to change payment info etc. Right now we collect payments through the website & automatically whitelist through Zapier which isn’t the end of the world but would be better for the user if we could through the application.

This might be tough but being able to integrate with outside API’s like Mindbody, Pushpress etc. would help as well! super fitness domain specific but generally connecting to API’s could help others i’m sure too. The reason for that is that we’re having issues authenticating that the user has visited. We have a QR code that the user has to scan through their regular camera which prompts the user to send an email to us, the user hits send on an email to us so that we know the user visited the facility & can compensate accordingly. We would like to keep the user in the application for the entire experience. If the API integration wouldn’t work, it would be helpful to have a QR code scanner, or something that the user can input a unique ID tied to them without adding anything to the page (ex. image picker adds image - if you could add image to backend without showing in application). Would also be nice to tie this to a geolocation! Maybe there is some way to do all this already but I haven’t been able to figure out a way how to.

On the gym portal side, if the API integrations wouldn’t work, having a place to import their calendar would be super helpful so users can see everything within the application.

It would also be nice to be able to change the colors of Glide as well as change the color/design of the map. A common request has been to be able to add a profile picture as well.

That’s it so far! These are all small compared to getting an application to market so quickly as a non- tech founder. That is more than a game changer in its self - but these would take our app to the next level!

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Nice, sounds like you have some good systems set up there.

I’ll dm you - would be great to hear a little more. :+1:t4: