Dynamically Switch Database

Howdy! I am using the same app for multiple teams but don’t want to create a template and then continually duplicate the app for each team and simply change the database. The issue is that when I update one update I have to update them all and it is not scalable.

Does anyone have a workaround for this?

Thank you!


You want your App to dynamically select a different backend datasource based on the signed in user?

Have you considered using a single datasource and implementing team based roles to isolate each teams data?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I have but unfortunately each database is often approaching the 25,000 row limit and I don’t want to slow down search ability. @Darren_Murphy

Row Owners would help with that, as it would limit the number of rows downloaded by each user device.

Anyway, I don’t speak for Glide but I find it hard to imagine they’d consider a feature such as dynamic data source switching (of course I could be wrong on that).

Glide Big Tables (10 million+ rows) is on the way, so that might be something that will help with your use case.


That is very helpful. The Big Tables will definitely solve my problems. Do you know when that is launching?


I don’t know, but I’d expect sooner rather than later.