Dynamic Row Owners?

Quick example: I need user-1 to be able to switch between team1 and team2. (While securely hiding team1 data from team2 using row owners.)

What I’m currently doing is something like this: User1 has 4 columns, team1, team2, team3 and team-active. the “team-active” column gets updated with the id whenever they select “switch to this team” for example. I do not like this as much because there’s a limit to teams but haven’t found an efficient way of approaching this.

Anyone experiencing this problem or found a solution?

The only way you could possibly do something like this and make it work securely is if you were using Roles as Row Owners, and the switching of a Users role was handled by an external integration service. And even then, a user would need to reload the App after a role switch in order for the changes to take effect.

Question: if you are allowing users to choose their team, what’s the point of trying to make it secure with row owners? Even if you succeed, you will have achieved nothing if users can freely switch between teams.


Thanks for your response Darren that makes a lot of sense. I’m currently updating the field trough a Glide action but I guess it doesn’t refresh the app so that’s why it’s not working.

Well, in this case you can only access teams you’ve been invited to or you create. I’m building an app for sales managers to manage sales teams.

Is this column also a Role that is configured as part of your User Profile configuration?
If yes, then you won’t get that to work. It might appear as though you can update it, but Glide will always reverse the change. From the docs:

So the only way to change a role via an action in the App is as I alluded to earlier. You would need to send a webhook to a service like Make, and then have Make push the change via the Glide API.


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