Dynamically Built Glide only Sheets

This is a future feature request for whenever internal only Glide tables go live.

This kind of goes along with my Invoice billing setup in my other post. I think one feature that would be awesome with internal Glide tables would be the option to populate it with a small subset of unique column data from another sheet. So basically it would be a UNIQUE google sheet formula, but built into glide. In my current setup, I have a sheet for Lessons, a sheet for defining Billing Periods, and a sheet for Invoices. I currently use sheet formulas to find a matching Billing Period for a Lesson and fill a column in the Lesson sheet with the Billing Period that matches. I then use a UNIQUE formula in the Invoices sheet to populate it with unique student, coach, and billing period combinations. This is a completely dynamic sheet that I use within Glide. I think this could free up a lot of rows in the sheet if it was kept within Glide. I don’t forsee this anytime soon, but I had the idea and thought I would throw it out there.

I also think this could apply in a lot of cases where people have a sheet of several items, but those items fit into a handful of categories. So using employees and offices as an example, you could have a single sheet that only lists employees and the office they belong to, but with my above idea, we could dynamically create a office sheet from the unique office names and display that as a top level tab. Then a user could select an office first before being shown a list of employees for that cooresponding office.

This would prevent the need for creating an Office or a Category sheet in google sheets either manually or through the use of UNIQUE or FILTER or QUERY formulas.