Dynamic location help


I am wanting to display current items that are located at a specific location, these items can be hired/move and should show current location when a user is searching for the item.

I want a user to see the equipment that is located at each specific location. This would be updated each time the item relocates to a new location.

My issue
On the building screen: A user can find all items currently present. However, my data is showing all history of the items at each location (generated by the log) which is not great. As each item (uniqueID) is being displayed across multiple buildings.

I have the following tables:

  • Equipment
  • Log (records the item id & location)
  • Buildings (records items present)

Is there a way to filter through my equipment to only display items that are present?

Would love some tips on how to structure the data to make this possible.

Thanking in advance!

you have to add the timestamp column of each record… now use the rollup column to find the latest timestamp, and use if-else column to find the latest location of the equipment

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