Location data for non-signed in users

Hey Community!

I’m currently trying to manually set up the user location as we had it in the past version of glide app.

I’m using the location component to get the location data of my users. It works pretty well for signed in users but not for non-signed in users. Can anyone help me to understand where this data goes when my user isn’t signed in and click on activate the user location component?

Is there a way to gather this specific data?

Thanks for your help!

I think you could add a one row table and put a user specific column to hold the location component.

In your layout use the one row table as its source


On my map there are Restaurants location, doing that won’t allow me to have user location + Restaurants location?

Create a Single Value column to bring in the location from the single row table into the restaurant table. Add an extra row to the restaurant table specifically for a User. Then create an IF column to return the location from the single value column if it’s the user row, else return the restaurant location. Use the IF column as the address for your map.

Can you detail me more the process?

Where are you stuck? This is all assuming you followed @Eric_Penn’s direction to create a one row table to hold the user’s location in a user specific column. Have you done that yet?

I’ll try to better explain my issue.

I have one user table that contains addresses (restaurants are my users)
I did create one table with a user specific row to hold the location
I created a single value row to bring back the location into the user table

Now I don’t understand how to set up the IF to make it works.

On my map I need the user location AND the restaurants addresses being visible by non signed in users and signed in users when they click on “use my location”

Did you create another row in the user/restaurant table. Could be something simple like a new row with a restaurant name of “user”. Your IF column would look at that restaurant name. If restaurant name is ‘user’ then return the the single value column, else return the restaurant location column.

Ok so on the data side it seems to work.
On the layout side, not really…

Nevermind it was because of one of my condition. Thanks a lot! I’ll try to work with it

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