Show multiple locations on a map

Hello Glide community.

I am trying to display users on a map that all signed in users have access to. I followed some of the recommendations here, which were very useful, but I am stuck.

The map is on a helper table. A row is created in the table on completion of the user profile that copies the user row ID to the helper table as a unique ID. These column are not use specific. I am able to create a relation column to the user table through this ID.

I have a location component on the map page that puts current location co-ordinates in the helper table. This is what is displayed to other users.

What I was trying to create looks like it works. I.e. Both users can see each other’s location on the map. My difficulty is that some of the data that I would like displayed on the map card doesn’t pull through from the user table using the relation column. I am guessing because of the row ownership.

Is there a way I can work around this? All the captured data is secured either by row ownership using the user email address, or by user specific columns. But I need to display at least a user name and an inventory number which is calculated using protected data.

The rest of the information on the Map card is only visible to the owner of the data.

Any input would be most welcome.

If a user does not have access to data due to user specific columns or row owners, then they won’t see it. No way around that because those are data security features. If you want certain data to be accessible to everyone, it needs to be in a table that does not contain row owners or user specific columns.

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