Selecting one value from the database

Good afternoon.

There is a place to move (Warehouse)
There is a moving object (a tool)

And I move the TOOL (the same one) to different WAREHOUSES.

I go into the WAREHOUSE and want to see what kind of TOOL is there, but I can’t get the sorting to see the latest values for each tool, but I see several of the same records.

Also, I can’t just change the value, because I need to see the history of moving the TOOL through WAREHOUSES.

I also created a tool movement number, but did not figure out how to apply it.

I’ve been reading the forum for several days and I can’t find a similar situation.
I also tried to make a comparison by date, but in this case I cannot look at TOOL NUMBER TWO, since its date will not be the first and not the last.

Please help me with advice on where to dig or how to do it.
I can take any screenshots or give access to the application to understand the problem.

At a high level:

  • When you move a tool into a warehouse, you should store 3 values:
    – The date/time of the move
    – The ToolID
    – The WarehouseID
  • As long as you log the above information, you can find out where any Tool is at the current point in time with a simple Query column:
  • Create a Query column, target at your log table, and apply the following:
    – Filter: ToolID is [the ToolID you are interested in]
    – Sort By: Date descending
  • Then add a Single Value column to fetch the first WarehouseID via the Query column

Can’t I make it easier? When I click move to work with the TOOL table and change the values, and not write new ones? + Make a condition to create an entry in the movement history, then new entries will only be in the movement history and I will be able to take the necessary information from the TOOL table. But I don’t understand how I can change the values instead of creating a new record.

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking. Are you saying you want to store and update the current location in the Tool table every time you make a move?

You could do that, but it’s extra work and really redundant. If you create those two columns that I suggested in your Tool table, then you will have that information.


In general, I managed to win, but by a simpler method. But what is not coming out now is the mass movement of the TOOL to one warehouse. It turns out that you need to select two tools in the multi-selection and replace the tool in the database in two lines with the value where the tool is now with a new one. Is it possible to make it happen?