Item Movement Log

Hey Everyone,

My App helps my users to manage all the Digital Signatures they have of their clients. When a new New Digital Signature entry is made through Form Submit option, they can select the “Possession” of this item (e.g. With Client or With Us)

Sometimes, this item can be handed over to their Client or vice versa (sometimes, more than once), if required. As per my knowledge, we can do this using “Edit” option by editing “Possession”. However, I want to record log of movement of this item so that, it can trigger an email to client about movement.

I understand that this can be done through Form but not sure how it will work (Sorry, not that expert). Please let me know if there is best way to do this.


Instead of having a column for possession in the same sheet, create a new sheet for possession logs.
In that sheet, have columns of timestamp, item SKU (Unique ID of item), customer email and possession and then create a multiple relation of this sheet with your items sheet using the item SKU.

That way each movement will have its own row using which you can send emails and you will always have a log for the overall movement of an item.

Thank you Manan for the detailed explanation. I will do that and will revert how it will work.
Can you also tell me, how would I give them an option for recording possession when they add New record? Like, Either

  1. I make it default to have possession “with Us” at initial stage. or
  2. Can I give them an option, once they submit form for new record, in the next screen, they get a button to add Possession.? If this is possible, how to achieve this?

I would be happy to have your recommendation. Thanks

For the first time they add a new record, you could give them a choice component but don’t let them edit it after they submit. That way you know the initial status of the item’s possession.

From the 2nd time onwards, if they want to change the possession, they have to create a new record. That can be achieved using a form button that points to your new sheet.

Thank you Manan for the suggestion.

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