Dynamic image + text + Social Network share

Hi there, I needed to find a way to share badges, certificates, proof of attendances, etc. from Glide without using Make or other 3rd parties’ software. (both for cost reasons and control).

So I decided to build my own small library (using a public GD library on GitHub) and in this short demo I would like to show you how to:

  • generate text over images (or images over images)
  • generate the HTML page (so it will be unique for each user/certificate)
  • generate the image for the social network
  • generate the link for the social network sharing

You can change the font, font-color & size, image background, add images and … it’s GD adapted to Glide.

Hope you like it, and if you want to try it I can send you the PHP file (it requires a GD library installed, my example runs on the Siteground smallest tier)


Well done !

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