Build a community website

Hi all

We had a street party a few days ago and it was a great success. Hundreds of photos from the day have since been bouncing around our WhatsApp group which got me thinking - why not use glide to create a nice community site which can host these images and people can add to through the site. Great to keep a historic record too.

Fairly simple - but it has just been pointed out to me that it opens a can of worms with data protection and getting peoples consent.

Seems a shame, as it is just a local community of about 100 people. I suggested we could have a single password but they said that wasn’t secure enough.

I’m also told some people may not be happy sharing their email addresses.

Does anyone have any bright ideas for getting round this?

The site needs to be

  • only accessible to people I or a core group of people explicitly allow
  • easy for me to manage / add / remove people

We won’t have permission from a lot of the people in the photos to use them (though can’t imagine anyone would complain) so it needs to be secure and I don’t want search engines finding it.

I don’t want to be defeated on this! It’s such a perfect use case.

Any thoughts or ideas gratefully received.


Random thought, but can you achieve this through a private Facebook Group?

But for Glide, I believe you can just create a private app and also make email anonymous

Thanks Joe

You are quite right - a private FaceBook page would do the job - but I should have said, there is a huge distrust of Facebook on our street!

Would rather keep it private and secure.