Dynamic email - possible?

Hi all,
I’ve stumbled upon this very interesting feature on Google’s AppSheet.

Is there a way to do something like this with Glide? Not with crazy coding :slight_smile:

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Hey @Test_Test. Not natively, no. But Glide can trigger and Zap or Webhooks that links to a third-party email app.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Indeed it’s possible with an HTML email body, but that’s coding. This isn’t aligned with our low-code vision :slight_smile:

Also consider that AppSheet and Gmail are both Google products, so they may also have some special integrations that nobody else could replicate.

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@Test_Test There are options you can explore, like triggering a Zap linked with Mailchimp (or similar). This won’t require HTML.

You’re right. There are workarounds for this, some more efficient than others. However, Google’s AppSheet team has deemed it worthy of its own dedicated solution. That’s why I was thinking it would be very useful to have something similar, native in Glide.

The general components of the procedure called “Dynamic email” are known:1. HTML design with buttons (or something prettier).
2. links/triggers to webhooks, associated with these buttons.

Now I’d like to ask Glide to consider cooking this into its unique version of a splendid low/no-code feature. Hence the feature request :slight_smile:

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