Dynamic cell value not working

I currently have my Google sheet set up so that column F will be automatically determined based on the input in column B (using a formula). If there is no input/data in column B, the value in column F for that row will just appear blank. I copied this formula for the first 100 rows, but when you submit a new row of data via the Glide app, it inserts the new data at row 101, completely ignoring the formula in column F (this is because the app sees the formula and assumes that the row is already taken).

Any suggestions on how to better emulate this use case.

Thanks. I need to look into arrayformulas as I have not used that before. Any good resources or links to learn?

Actually, did some Googling and I think I figured it out. I appreciate the info!

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Just make sure when using arrayformulas to delete all empty rows. Otherwise any new rows will still be added at the very bottom of the sheet.

Hi @anandp29 I’m curious of your formula for this. I’m a bit struggling here. I’d like to have today’s date entered for each new entry. It’d be to have an arrayformula for that column setting =Today() for each new entry row.


You don’t need sheet formulas for this.
Just write the current datetime to the column as part of your Add Row action, using the Current Datetime Special Value.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy actually I need the actualised date (=Today()) and not a time stamp. But thanks for the suggestion. I use this also but to users when the info was last actualised.

To get that, you can use a Math column together with the Now special value.
However, that would only be available in Glide, not in your Google Sheet.
Do you actually need this value in the Google Sheet? What will you do with it? Is it something that is better done in Glide?

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Hi @Darren_Murphy Sorry for the late feedback. I’ll keep my solution for the moment with the arrayformula+today as I need it on my GSheet. So all good on my side.
Thanks for the support.

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